Hamdard University Research Mandate

Hamdard University Research Committee (HURC) will provide financial assistance for following 4 categories (a). Research Proposal (b) Publication Honorarium (c) Publication Charges (d) Conference Assistance

Hamdard University Research Committee (HURC) will provide financial assistance for following 4 categories (a). Research Proposal (b) Publication Honorarium (c) Publication Charges (d) Conference Assistance

Only Hamdard University employees are eligible to avail above described Financial Assistance.  Certificate of excellence will be given to the best research (leading to patent) produced by PI / CoPI.

A.     Research Proposal

1.     Only present Faculty members of Hamdard University (who have completed at least 2 months of their appointment) are eligible to apply for research grant as PI.

Limit of number of projects which a faculty member can have is as follows

Professor:     Two projects as PI two projects as CoPI

Associate Professor:   Two projects as PI two projects as CoPI

Assistant Professor:  One project as PI, two projects as CoPI

Lecturer:   Two projects as CoPI

2.     Limit of Research grant funding is Rs. 1.5 million. It has been suggested that PI should include estimated cost of publication (publication honorarium plus publication charges) in grant proposal

3.     It has been strongly suggested (not mandatory so far) that Research proposals amounting more than Rs. 0.5 million should be reviewed from outside reviewer (outside the respective faculty) prior to final approval.    Research proposals should be reviewed by senior professors of relevant / closely related field from other Universities or other faculties of Hamdard University (list of reviewers panel professors will be made by Dean Research with consultation of relevant faculty of Hamdard University) 

4.     Degree oriented  research projects will not be considered for HURC grant.

5.     It is strongly recommended that research projects should also be submitted for funding from other fund providing agencies for example Higher Education commission of Pakistan and Pakistan Science Foundation, Hamdard Laboratories, Pharmaceutical industry etc.

6.     It is recommended that Principal Investigator should obtain project funds from outside sources also (for example HEC, Pak. Sci. Foundation, local / international industry etc) and equal amount will be provided by HURC

7.     Research proposals will be evaluated as per following

I.     Submission of research proposal to Convener HURC / Secretary HURC through FRC / Dean of the faculty

II.     Evaluation of the research proposal by subcommittee. Recommendations of the subcommittee will be presented in forthcoming HURC meeting

III.     PI / CoPI will be invited in HURC meeting in case any question arises regarding the research project, he/she can explain to the HURC members.

IV.     Request for second installment of research grant (remaining fund request) must be submitted through FRC / Dean of the Faculty and accompany progress report and will be evaluated in the subcommittee meeting.

V.     At completion of the project both reports (technical/scientific and financial) should be submitted to HURC through FRC / Dean and progress report will be presented in forthcoming HURC by PI / CoPI.

8.     No honorarium and/or consultancy fee will be paid in HURC funded research projects.

9.     Employment in HURC funded project will be through Human Resource Department, HU.

B.     Publication Honorarium

1.     Publication honorarium will be given to Hamdard University faculty members only

I.     Category of the publication will be decided as per HEC Journal Recognition System (HJRS) (from HURC 31 onwards)

II.     Publication honorarium will be given after publication of the research paper.  Accepted papers will not be entitled of publication honorarium

III.     For publication honorarium, author must be among first three authors

IV.     Only one publication honorarium will be given per publication

V.     Publication honorarium requests must be submitted through FRC

VI.     Publication honorarium for W category publication is Rs. 50,000

VII.      Publication honorarium for X category publication is Rs. 30,000

VIII.      Publication honorarium for Y category publication is Rs. 15,000

2.     For book / book chapter, equivalence of the book/chapter must be obtained from HEC

3.     For publication in Hamdard University journals, honorarium of Rs.  15,000 will be paid

C.     Publication Charges

1.     Publication charges will only be paid for research papers published in HEC recognized journals (W, X and Y categories).

2.     Publication charges will be paid after publication of the research paper

3.     Original payment slips must be submitted to HURC

4.     Publication charges cases will be submitted through FRC

5.     Limit of publication charges is Rs. 60,000

D.     Conference assistance

1.     HURC Financial Assistance for Conferences (National/ International) will entertain on case to case basis.

2.     Entitlement is for faculty member presenting a paper (oral presentation only) in the conference.

3.     Conference should preferably listed in ISI Indexed Proceeding/ PubMed Springer/ Elsevier/ ACM/ IEEE/ IET/ IOP

4.     The amount award to one author only (Hamdard University faculty member only).

5.     Faculty members can avail a maximum of one (01) travel grant within a Fiscal Year.

6.     Next award of financial assistance (out of country) is subject to published minimum of one HEC Approved W Category Journal publication

7.     Up to 3 awards per faculty per year available for seven faculties (out of country).

8.     Maximum number of HURC Financial Assistance for Conferences is subjected to the availability of funds.

9.     Faculty member/s is expected to report certificate of participation and evidences of Travel to Dean Research.

10.     If the visit is not performed for any reason(s), the same should be notified to authorities positively within 15 days after the conference dates.

11.     The applicant will have to submit justification if there is any change in title or contents of the paper submitted with application and published in the conference.

12.     Maximum limit for funding for international conference is Rs. 205,000, national conferences is Rs. 70,000 (for conference outside province), Rs. 40,000 (for conference within province) and Rs. 15,000 (for conference within city

13.     Concerned authorities have a right to change terms and conditions as per need.