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A Unique Forum for Hakims, Scientists and Doctors

During the 58-years of its publication this journal has played a pivitol role in acquainting medical institutions around the world with the valuable contributions made by the Eastern System of Medicine. It has also brought natural or herbal practitioners and scientists closer emphasizing evidence based treatments.

Bridging gap between Eastern and Western drugs usages

It is noteworthy that ~25% of currently used prescription drugs contain atleast one herbal derived active ingredient and several such drugs are either available in the market or are in the last phases of clinical trials.

Our team members

Prof. Dr. Ghazala H. Rizwani

Editor Hamdard Medicus

Madam Sadia Rashid

Chancellor Hamdard University

Prof. Dr. Shabib ul Hassan

Vice Chancellor Hamdard University

Our Primary Purpose Generate interest in the Eastern System of Medicine

Main focuses are in the field of Eastern medicine (Unani medicine).

It is gratifying to note that considerable interest in medicinal botanicals and the Eastern art of healing has been evoked.
Though, publishing research articles on medicinal plants, history of science and medicine, therapeutic procedures and health is primary concern.
Especially in developing countries.
Another aim, also very important, is the inclusion of translations of rare texts on Islamic medicine by scholars in related areas.

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